Visa Extension and FRRO Registration

We provide all types of visa conversion services and visa extension services through the concerned FRRO and FRO offices. We inform upfront if a particular visa conversion is possible or not. If it is not possible, we advise the clients to return to home country.

Overseas Citizen of India

We have extensive experience in getting OCI cards for our clients. We also provide services to trace Indian roots (at extra cost) and get OCI cards through Indian heritage of grand parents and great grandparents. We also get marriages registered under Special Marriage Act for the purpose of getting OCI cards amongst other reasons.

Marriage Registration

If you are getting married to a foreigner who is visiting India on an E-visa or Tourist Visa, please get in touch with us as early as possible. There are several formalities that need to be completed before the visa expires and time is always of essence. Getting in touch with us at the right time can save you tons of money and trouble.

Children of expats born in India

If you have a child who has acquired a foreign nationality, even though they were born in India, please get in touch with us to ensure you acquire an appropriate visa for them. Forgetting to get a visa for your child can result in great trouble when you decide to head out for your first foreign vacation with your newborn. Why only a visa, gift them an OCI card too. We promise they will thank you later.

Advisory and Opinion

Tell us if you are facing some issue during your stay in India. We are willing to help our clients with any legal queries they have - whether its taxes, inheritance, buying or selling immovable property.


Next Steps...

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