Indian IDs won’t confer citizenship on foreigners: Madras High Court

Court says those from other countries cannot claim citizenship citing possession of Aadhaar and voter cards, rejects plea from daughter of Lankan woman.

CHENNAI: Aadhaar card, driving licence, marriage registration document and even voter identity card will not confer Indian citizenship on persons belonging to other nations, unless the conferment is made by the competent authority, the Madras High Court has ruled.

Justice T Raja gave the ruling while dismissing a writ petition from Divya, daughter of a Sri Lankan women Jayanthi, who was detained at Anna International Airport here, on July 19 last. Jayanthi, a Sri Lankan national, migrated to Tamil Nadu following the ethnic problem there in 1989.

She studied SSLC in Tamil Nadu in 1991 and got married to one Premkumar, an Indian citizen, on April 21, 1992. The marriage was properly registered. She was blessed with three children. She had obtained Aadhaar card, driving licence and even a voter ID card

She applied for a passport in 2004 and went to Italy in 2007 and worked there as a house-maid. She often came back to India and stayed in Tamil Nadu for some days and again flew back to Italy. The immigration authorities in India never created any problem for her.

While so, when she came back from Italy and landed in Chennai on June 22 last to attend her daughter’s wedding at Tiruchy, she was detained by the authorities at Arignar Anna International Airport on the ground that she had obtained Indian passport fraudulently, as she was a Sri Lankan national by birth. The authorities also found that she was holding a Sri Lankan passport issued on October 12, 1989, which expired on October 11, 1994.


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